Shortly after launching Georgia Pepperberry, I received a phone call from a sweet gal who was looking for a little decorating help.  I spoke with her on the phone and she was very excited since she had recently purchased some new furniture.  She shared that the pieces arrived and she really would like some advice on how to finish her space. I offered to come to her home for a visit and get a feel for what she wanted for her living and dining room area.


When I visited, I asked just a few simple questions:

I asked about the purpose of the room – what’s the function?

 She shared that she wanted to have a space that would be a retreat.  A pretty desk to place her laptop was another request. (This piece is arriving soon!) She also shared the dining room doesn’t get much use, so it did not have to be overly practical.

What’s the budget?

 People often do not want to discuss money, but it is such an important thing to discuss.  My client and I worked within her budget, and I even left a few ideas for pieces she could integrate down the road.

What else might you be doing in the space?

I wanted to know if she hosted family or friend gatherings here. I learned that her sons were taking piano lessons, and she was hoping to find a piano for the space someday.  

After an hour long visit, I headed out with an idea of what she might be looking for to complete her space.  I pulled some things together over the next week and brought them by to her.  She is an amazing client!  She checked out all the choices I had made and knew exactly what she liked and did not like.  I left some pieces for her for a few days to make sure she truly loved them.

One last final visit – “Decorating Day!”

I have to admit, this is my favorite day!!!  I unloaded my car and we got to work. We started  hanging drapery rods and pictures, cleaning off tables, plugging in lamps, and staging accessories.  I truly enjoy creating a space that someone can enjoy for years to come!

Noel Sofa 1


Final Shot Noel

I looked up some options of pianos on Craigslist, and she and her husband found one they liked.  It will be fitting nicely, right in this space behind the blue chair!

Floral Picture


Finally, I gave her an idea for a chandelier, that will be coming soon to her home, and will completely finish her dining room space!


Full View

What a special project and more importantly, a special client.  I’m so glad I was able to meet her and transform her space in way that she will truly enjoy!

Make it a great day!




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