50th Wedding Anniversary Party

A month or so ago,  Andy and his siblings decided that they were going to celebrate one of the most unbelievable things — their parents’ 50th wedding anniversary.  It truly is amazing to think of the milestone that 50 years is.


It is hard to imagine falling in love and getting married at the age of nineteen, but that is in fact the story of his amazing parents.  They have stood by each others side through each and every year, and they have built a family that is grounded in love and faith.

We had the chance to discuss just some of the things that would be great to have to honor and celebrate their relationship.  We included fun things like poster enlargements of their wedding photos, a memory tree that was filled with their friends’ best wishes, and an assortment of yummy treats that truly were favorites of them both.

My sisters-in-law scheduled a beautiful blessing at mass and the food was all catered in so everyone could enjoy the evening.  Andy and his brother stocked the bar and included their dad’s favorite beer and wine choices.


In planning a 50th wedding anniversary party, here are some things to consider:

  1. Pick a Theme –  Clearly gold is a great option and we used it because it is timeless, classic, and elegant, just like my mother-in-law.
  2. Plan Ahead – My sisters-in-law and I met about two months before to review details. We DELEGATED too … one took food, the other handled invitations, and the other was generous enough to provide the location!
  3. Incorporate the Couple’s Wedding Day – Make sure to include the couple in the details.  We used their sweet wedding picture on the invitation and I enlarged several photos from the wedding album.
  4. Music – We had music playing from their era, and of course, included some of the favorite country songs my mother-in-law loves.
  5. The Toast –  As I said, there is nothing more special than achieving 50 years and to top it off, to be healthy and happy enough to celebrate it with family.  Raise a glass to the couple with a prepared speech by the children…it truly makes a memory.

We included beautiful white hydrangeas in gold vases resting atop gold gilded mirrors.  Votive candles flickered everywhere and all stay warmed in a heated tent with tables and chairs.


The napkins were wrapped in gold glitter ribbon and each had a photo of the happy couple tied to them.  The memory tree was made with gold branches and twinkle lights were woven into them.  We clipped wedding photos to the branches to display memories from their special day from fifty years ago with gold clothespins that were picked up at Jo-Ann Fabrics.




We also brought in some of their favorite things.   My father-in-law’s specialty, homemade salsa, was there ready to serve with dipping chips.  Bun Bars and Paydays were also there for nibbling, as they too are favorites.  My mother-in-law’s infamous chocolate chip cookies were on display and they truly melted in your mouth! (My sister-in-law made them! Yum!)



All in all, it was a wonderful evening.  I look forward to celebrating the next milestone with all of them.

Make it a great day!



Photo Credit to the amazing Gabby Savoie Photography!


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