Recently I checked the mailbox and saw that my two boys had received notecards in the mail.  Their names looked like they were written out in Andy’s handwriting, but I wasn’t certain.  The boys each opened up their letters and they sat in two different chairs in our living room.  They both remained motionless as they intently read each word that was written to them.  Each note had words of encouragement and love that had both of these young men beaming when they finished reading them.  

Their father was the author.

Personal Note


I was so touched by this, recognizing how special it was for these boys to get notes from their dad.  Both of them later shared with me how much it meant that Andy had taken the time to sit down and write them each a letter.

I think back to when I was in college and my mom and dad often would send me sweet letters in the mail.  They made me feel special and gave me the confidence to study extra hard for the upcoming anatomy or art history exam.  My dad continued to write me letters through my young adult life and share words of wisdom and inspiration on relationships and work ethic.

Thank You note

In the corporate world, there were a few colleagues of mine who would often do the same.  Whether it be a project that I helped execute or a new role I had taken with the organization, I would receive a note.  It always left a lasting impression when I would receive these special notes in the mail.

I’m challenging myself and all of you, to go find or make some stationary.  It really doesn’t need to be fancy at all.  I have found great cards at Target and even Homegoods in their stationary department.  Grab a pen, my favorite is the Sharpie Pen fine point, think of someone special, and just start to write.  Share your thoughts and make your note personal. 

Remind them of a special moment that you shared with them.


Penmanship doesn’t matter, nor does the length of the note, just be yourself behind the pen.  Sometimes we are easily lost in the world of technology, myself included, yet a good old fashioned letter can be such a blessing at the mailbox.  I thoroughly enjoy hearing the happiness in someone’s voice when they share they have gotten a note in them mail.  I certainly realize the power of a handwritten note and plan on sending many more…maybe I’ll start with my girls.

Make it a great day.



  1. You and Andy are awesome. Can’t beat a handwritten note! You both are so thoughtful and that is what life is about! Those boys will never forget those letters! Luv ya — mom

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