This year, with four monkeys in school full-time, I realized that I needed an efficient way to help them all get dressed in the morning.  I noticed that before we brought home this simple little piece of furniture, the morning was often chaotic.  We were running up and down the stairs looking for missing socks, ties, and of course, the infamous uniform sweater.

Dresser with Flowers

We were out and about one day and I saw this tiny dresser.  I said to Andy, “This is coming home with us!”  We loaded it up into the car and it now has found it’s home on our main floor.  Little did I know, it would soon be named “The Dresser of Sanity”.

What I love about it, is that it does not look like a piece of furniture that belongs only in the bedroom.  Of course, me being me, it has moved from room to room on the main floor of our house.  For now, it is in our “Create Room”.   I put a brightly colored decorative lamp on it and it’s used also as a side table for gatherings.

Belts and Ties

Boy's Drawer

The kids know that all of their uniform items “live” in this piece of furniture.  Socks, ties, and belts are in the top drawers.  The middle drawer has the boys’ uniforms, and the bottom drawer has the girls’ jumpers and gym uniforms.  The kids finish their breakfast, brush their teeth, and then head to the dresser.

This little piece of furniture has created a lot of independence for all of our children. They get their clothes and take turns getting dressed in the bathroom downstairs. Even the youngest can get her own things!  Of course, I am there to help with buttons and zippers if they get tricky. Because the kids are getting ready on the main floor, all of their nighttime jammies go straight to the laundry room.  (Less to pick up off their bedroom floor!)

Girl's Drawer

What I also love about this piece is that when I am folding laundry, I just put their items right in the drawers, and they never get “lost” in their rooms.  I often do their school clothes in one batch, simple to fold, and simple to store.

Even if your children do not wear a uniform everyday, they could have their clothes selected for the week, and stashed in the drawers.  It may just make decision making a little simpler in the morning during a busy week.

Please reach out and let me know if I can help you find your own “Dresser of Sanity”.  Send me a message and I will keep an eye out for the perfect piece for you.  I have plans to paint this piece, and be happy to freshen up any discovered dressers you may come across!

Make it a great day!


Cropped drawers crooked



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