I was so excited when a sweet, blushing, bride-to-be reached out to me during the springtime.  I knew how excited she was about her upcoming wedding and I was thrilled to help pull some final details together.

After a few meetings and discussions about what her grand plans were for her wedding day, I gained an idea of some things that I thought would make the space magical for her and the groom.

Because the nuptials were taking place in October, there would be pumpkins.  Her adorable father grew his very own garden filled with mini white pumpkins for her special day.  It truly warmed my heart to see the love this family has for the beautiful bride who would soon be walking down the aisle.


I designed some Pinterest boards for her so we could work together on creating a theme and look for the day.  I integrated the plum hue she was looking for as the bridesmaids would be wearing aubergine on the fall day.

Then it was back to the pumpkins!  We would have metallic glass ones, white ceramic ones, real gourds, and white mini pumpkins to fill the tables and landscape of the special day.  The bride was so cute and even assigned a pumpkin “type” to correlate with each dinner table.


The discussion of flowers lead to earl grey roses, lisianthus, seeded eucalyptus, and garden hydrangeas.  The mother-of- the-bride, sisters, and friends, all helped in making the beautiful flowers for the center of the table.  The day of the event, I sprinkled more simple arrangements to fill the design on the table.


We layered a beautiful runner on each table.  The bride always shared with me her vision was for an elegant fall wedding.  The word elegant always resonated with me as we built out the special day.


She had a small frame that each guest wrote out a best wish on a heart and dropped in the top of the box.

She and the groom share a sweet tooth, so it was only fitting to create a candy bar.  The beautiful clear vases were elevated on top of an old rustic box and their favorite treats filled the jars.  We had small bags for the candy at the side and scoops in each jar for easy sharing.


Finally, we filled the window sill in the room with flowers and tea lights resting on birch trunk pieces.  The candles offered a soft glow for the wedding reception.


The evening was magical…right out of a Cinderella fairytale story.  They both danced the night away while sipping on their signature drinks…a Moscow Mule for the groom and a Pomegranate Martini for the bride.

Cheers to many years of happiness!

Make it a great day!


*****A special thank you to Ilze Lucero Photography  for passing along some beautiful photos from the day!

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