DSC_0186nwmOur Story

Hello! We are Andy and Kellie, founders of Georgia Pepperberry. We are the proud parents of four incredible children and we love them with all our hearts. Andy and I are thrilled to begin this new business and follow our dreams.  We have always enjoyed tackling new projects in our own homes, refurbishing homes, and helping others with their projects too. Andy is outstanding with his craftsmanship and has incredible attention to detail.

I have had always had a passion for home decor and design. I have a degree in fine arts, and for as long as I can remember I have constantly restyled the spaces to make them feel like a home. I truly enjoy repainting furniture, and giving new life to something old and worn.  I recognize the how important for design and decor to be functional, especially with a large family.  We all like things to be pretty, but they have to work for everyone who lives in the home.  My motto is –  “Never sacrifice function for beauty!”

I owned my own interior design business after having our first son. I truly loved spending time meeting new people, understanding their style and needs, and giving them a space of their own. Unfortunately, I had to take a break from the business after owning it for a few years.  I am so excited that the doors are opening up again!

What makes it even more exciting, is that Andy and I are doing it together. We firmly believe in our faith and working together. We have tackled our current project, the farmhouse. It feels like a work in progress, but Andy and I will continue to post our project updates on our blog…you’ll have to check them out.

We have other exciting things that we will share as they evolve. Until then, we truly look forward to making your house your home.



Kellie Dietrich

Kellie grew up in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan and went to school at The University of Michigan. She has a degree in scientific illustration and has always had a love for beautiful detailed drawings. As a child, she would spend hours growing up rearranging furniture in her room, sewing new curtains and pillows, and finding old furniture to repurpose in her backyard.

Kellie’s career took her into the world of business and sales where she spent fifteen years. However, she just couldn’t shake her passion for home decor. Throughout these years she fell in love with Andy and they have been blessed with four beautiful children.

Kellie believes in working hard, following your passion, living simply, and being kind to others. Kellie loves to have people feel welcome in her home and truly loves hosting family and friends. She enjoys cooking for many, and is so grateful you have come to explore Georgia Pepperberry.



Andy Dietrich

Andy grew up in Auburn Hills, Michigan and went to college at Michigan State University where he studied packaging engineering. Andy continued his education and received his MBA from Wayne State University.

Andy launched his career in the logistics business and he traveled the country and world. Andy recognized that while he was grateful for his career, he much rather be closer to home and his family.

Andy has been dragged into many home improvement projects by Kellie, and spent hours with her dad learning how to fix and build things. He took a leap with her, and they bought their first home and finished the entire basement with Kellie’s dad. Since then they have pursued many refurbishment projects and he patiently executes with attention to detail.

Andy truly finds solace and comfort in the outdoors. Andy is grateful for his family and enjoys being rooted in doing what he loves.


  1. eileen whalen says:

    Hi Kellie! Kathy Procailo just showed me your site. I am so happy youn are back to pursuing your true passion. I wish you great success!
    Eileen Whalen (your former (and “retired”) seamstress)


    1. Thanks so much Eileen! You truly are the best seamstress in the biz…maybe you’ll come out of retirement!


  2. Riley Hoselton says:

    This is fantastic! I am so excited to know you are sharing your talents again! Best of luck!


    1. Riley, you are so kind! Thanks so much for the well wishes!


  3. anita shore says:

    Kellie: Glad to hear you are back just in time for a project at my home If you can give me a call or email me Thanks Anita Shore


    1. Will do, Anita! Thank you.


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