About two months ago, I received an email from a woman who had seen our website on Facebook  .  When I took the call, I had no idea that I would be meeting such an incredible gal.  She reached out looking for someone to help coordinate a small and intimate wedding shower that she was going to be hosting for a family member.

We scheduled a time to meet and I met her in her home.  We discussed what she was looking for…”personalized*special*unique* fun*contemporary” were all the words that came up in our conversation.  I also learned that the family has a true love for wine…and from that moment, the theme was born.

About a week later, I came back with some ideas to present to this special lady.

I had found the style of invitation that was encompassing of the wine tasting theme and it had a modern style.  This invite set the tone for the event.

Modern Wine Bridal Shower Invitations
Modern Wine Bridal Shower Invitations by UniqueInvites
View Wine tasting bridal shower Invitations online at zazzle


I had spoken with a winemaker in town and they recommended some great summer wines to be paired with the meal that was planned.  It included a Michigan salad, chicken picatta, and some roasted redskin potatoes.

The wines were selected and custom wine labels were crafted noting the date of the upcoming wedding.  We went with a Pinot Grigio, Muller Thurgau, a crisp Cucumber Melon, and a Pinot Noir to finish.


I shared with her that we could have custom chalkboard wine glasses that I painted and the girls could each write their names on them.


White hydrangeas and mums were the flowers of choice and they would be displayed in gold toned vases placed on the tables and in the kitchen.  The day before the shower, I purchased 8 dozen blooms to make sure we had flowers everywhere.

Gold chargers would be the platform for white china and lace-trimmed,white, cotton napkins tied simply with black and white string.  I placed the table settings on a chalkboard fabric table runner where I had written the couples’ name and wedding date.



We set up a wine tasting station in the kitchen where all the wine glasses were placed, along with the wine bottles for tasting.  What the guests didn’t know is that their amazing host purchased a bottle for each one of them to take home!



I thought it would be nice to have a keepsake for the bride from the special day.  I found this glass display board.  Each guest wrote sweet words of advice on scalloped white tags for the bride and groom.


I’m hoping my wonderful client was happy with how things came together for this lovely bride-to-be.  I had so much fun helping putting everything together for this special event.

Cheers to many years of happiness for the bride and groom.

Make it a great day!




It is without a doubt, one of the biggest changes and investments you will make to your home, ever.  A kitchen makeover is often something that is seemed to be a relatively easy task, but what is often not realized, is all the behind the scenes activity that is required to pull off the kitchen of your dreams.13612162_1714276792158118_50816283216706796_n13619842_1714276762158121_2150315216864665304_n

Andy and I are working on a large kitchen renovation project now for some friends who had never experienced the process before.  They needed help in understanding what is involved, so we crafted some initial basics to get them started.

  1.  What is your budget? — No one ever enjoys discussing budget, but when redoing a kitchen, it is critically important to have the conversation.  Kitchens often require a lot of money, depending on the extensiveness of the project.  The budget will help in the material selection process as you build your design.
  2. What is your style?  — You are at the point now that you want to renovate and I am sure you have flipped through a few catalogs.  What are your thoughts on the design? Dark cabinets or light cabinets?  Dark toned concrete countertops or light colored granite?  Save those pictures that you are drawn to and set them aside in a folder.  Your designer will use them as a platform for the “look” of the new room.
  3. What are the functional requirements? –  Do you have a need to move the refrigerator because you can’t access it when you are cooking?  Is the sink not big enough for your pots?  Would it help to include a prep sink? Be open with yourself and your designer about what is not functioning in your space.  Things can be changed.
  4. What is your timeframe?  — Kitchens require time. There are several contractors involved in the process and often schedules get interrupted.  Also, materials and supplies need to be shipped in throughout the process.  Typically, an extensive kitchen remodel will take close to 8 weeks to complete.
  5. Where is your temporary kitchen?  — Do you have an area where you can move your refrigerator too during the renovation?  Perhaps you can grill outside or use a slow cooker to bridge the gap during the renovation.  Eating out for eight weeks can get exhausting and expensive.


These simple 5 steps are just the beginning to your kitchen project.  If you are starting to think about doing a renovation take the time to think through the process.

Give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you answer any of your questions you may have regarding your renovation project.

Make it a great day!



Sixteen years ago today, I walked down the aisle holding on tightly to my dad’s arm and approached Andy at the altar.  We both said, “I do.”  The rest is history, as they say.

COlor Wedding Picture

The day we got married was something out of a fairytale.  I wore the Stephen Yearick dress that I had saved for with all my bonus dollars.  It was cream toned and hand beaded and had a sweet little train that bustled in the back.  Andy was looking handsome as ever in his crisp, black tuxedo.  The two of us stood together in our church surrounded by hundreds of people we knew and loved.  There was a vintage car waiting for us in the driveway that was there to whisk us away for pictures after our nuptials.

Wedding Car Photo

The reception was incredible.  My mom was the event planner for this wedding and she truly amazed us.  She transformed the hall into a “Night in Paris”.  We had an ice sculpture crafted to look like the Eiffel Tower and there were custom made candy bars with our picture super-imposed over the Paris skyline.  There were white flowers everywhere.  Roses, lilies, hydrangeas, all cascading from table arrangements and the ceiling. Thousands of tea lights illuminated the tables and we were welcomed by a seventeen piece Big Band playing the classics.

Wedding Decorations 1

Our song was, “In the Mood” and we danced and celebrated the entire evening.  We never wanted the night to end.

The wedding truly was something out of a storybook.  It was a night that many people still talk about today.  It was amazing.  But to me, what is more amazing is what has become “Our Story”.

Up Close Wedding Photo

You see, Andy I didn’t just meet in our early twenties and start to date.  Well, we did, but there was history to our relationship before we even knew it.  I was out one evening with high school friends and saw him standing at a table with some fellas near where we were gathered.  I thought he knew some people I was with, so I approached him, asked if he was with our group. I then followed it up with the question, “What’s your story?”

He looked at me confused, but then proceeded to tell me that he did not know any of my high school friends.  He was simply sharing a table because the venue was crowded.  We small talked for awhile and then it was time to go — we exchanged business cards (Ha!) and planned to talk again.

I played it “cool” with Andy, but I was secretly hoping and praying he would call someday.  He did.  Andy always keeps his promises.  He told me he would call and he did.  For weeks he would call every other day at 10pm.  Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday…you get the drill.  This went on for weeks.  We would talk for one hour about almost everything.  We shared details about where we worked, our college experiences, our hobbies, and our dreams.  I’d ask him where he went to high school, but he wouldn’t tell.  He said, “If there is ever a lull in the conversation, I’ll let you know, I’m sure we’d have some shared friends.”

Finally he asked me out after a month of the alternating night phone calls.  Andy was very methodical in his approach.  We went out to dinner at steakhouse near where we lived.  We had a filling dinner and grabbed a beverage at the bar before heading out.  A man approached us and asked if we had already bought the Christmas tree for our home.  We were both shocked and quick to let him know we were only on our first date.  Perhaps this man knew something we didn’t.

He told with us that he was selling fresh cut Christmas Trees for his children’s Catholic school.  As soon as he said the name, Andy and I shared that we had both gone to Catholic school growing up.  We looked at each other and immediately realized, this was not the first time we had met.

Come to find out Andy and I had gone to school together since we were seven.  I was in a grade below him, but we grew up going to school in the same building for seven years of early lives.  Andy also discovered an old VHS tape with him playing eighth grade football filmed on it.   He asked that I come over to watch it before we went out one night.  Sure enough, there he was, young and lean in stature (I can see where our oldest gets his looks from) getting ready to enter the huddle.   His dad was the cameraman and he panned over to the cheerleaders.  There I was, young and lean too, Coke-bottled tinted glasses, wavy blonde hair, cheering him on for his game.  His dad zoomed in on me, zoomed back in on Andy, and then came back to me for a final zoom in shot.  Unreal forshadowing of a couple who would be married someday.

Our story is fun, our wedding was magical, but our marriage is something else.  Is it perfect?  Nope, but it is the most special marriage I could have dreamed of.  I don’t know if I ever believed in having a soulmate or someone who could just truly balance me out.  But I should have believed. There are often times where we are thinking the same thing and don’t even need to speak to acknowledge what is on our mind.  He knows when I need encouraging, I know when he needs support, we know what each other needs.

Our marriage is fulfilling.  It is filled with our amazing children and family.  Our union is strong.  Our faith is the underlying element in our marriage.  Trust is a given.  Forgiveness is a must.  He knows I have his back and I know he has mine.  I still look at him and think he is the handsomest guy in the room, because he is.


So it’s cheers to you, Mr. Pepperberry.  Thank you for picking me to be your “Forever Girl” and continuing to craft “Our Story” with me.  Thank you for your loyalty, your passion, your love for life, and your commitment to our family.  I love you with all my heart and am absolutely thrilled to be continuing this ride, called life, with you.

Happy Anniversary, Andy.








One of my favorite rooms in our house is our TV Room.  One of the reasons we bought this home was because of this room.  I loved that there was a first floor bedroom with a bathroom attached.  We have not needed the room for its original purpose, so we have decided to use it in a different way.


Initially we used the room as an office, but we decided that having it as a family space would make more sense.  Our house is long and what I love about using this room as a TV room, is that it has become the “hangout” space for the kids.  The boys especially, will have their buddies over and play Xbox and they truly have a space to go to be on their own.  I like that its on the main floor so they are able to have their independence, but mom still gets to be close by.

The room once had carpeting in it and we pulled it up.  Our initial plan was to lay down some Pergo laminate flooring because all we saw were large pieces of plywood.  We even brought the flooring material home! But underneath the plywood boards Andy  discovered some beautiful pine floors that needed some serious refinishing.  He sanded the floors for days (and I mean days!) and then stained them with a clear sealant to maintain the pine finish.

We painted the walls a soft grey color and placed our sectional in the room.  Again, this is a piece of furniture we brought over from our old house and what we love about it is that we can all sit on it at the same time!  Friday night is often family movie night in our house and during the winter, there have been copious amounts of popcorn consumed right here!



I fell in love with the “spider” light fixture when I spotted it online.  I saw the piece and stared at it for months.  I always like to build a room around something that I LOVE and needless to say, THIS WAS THE PIECE!  The price eventually fell into our budget and I clicked “place order” online!  The brass finish is beautiful and the twelve extended arms offer a lot of overhead light to the space.  Plus, it’s look became the focal point of the room.

Spider LightDSC_0516

I added some gold pillows that the covers can be swapped out on, and included a modern rug for a fun vibe, and brought in a huge ottoman for feet to rest on while watching TV.  End tables and soft lighting are a must in a room like this.  I have two small tables that can be placed close by for a drink glass, when needed.  Two lamps are typically what are turned on to provide great soft lighting while watching a show.  Finally, the gold and white drapery panels were a must to add color to the walls and for the functional purpose of blocking out sunlight during movie time.



On the walls I included a big mirror to make the small room feel larger, and some bird drawings to complete the space.  My mom gave me the whimsical picture of my flying pig that I reminds me of her saying, “when pigs fly”!

Flying Pig

On top of the entertainment center, is a display of the kids’ Lego creations.  I get them down often for them to play with when they request them.  My other son displays his puzzle cubes, as he is often grabbing them to solve while lounging on the couch.


Entertainment Center

This truly is the monkeys’ room to hang with us, their friends, and each other.  Hope you enjoyed our second feature room in our Farmhouse Tour.  What does your TV room look like?  Please share in the comments!

Make it a great day.



It’s hard to think that we are six months away from winter and Christmas. These days everyone is drinking cold lemonade and making yummy smores while enjoying a warm evening sunset.  The thought of eggnog is far from everyone’s mind.

BUT, Georgia Pepperberry is in full effect as we start planning for the upcoming months.

Christmas truly is my absolute favorite time of the year!  I enjoy the memories that are made, the expressions on the monkeys’ faces when they realize Santa has come, and of course, celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

I think back to what Christmas was like growing up, and a big part of the holiday was watching my mom decorate our Christmas tree.  She always had one for me to style with my own personalized ornaments, but her decorated trees were spectacular.  They would draw neighbors from down the street because they were gorgeous!


1970 Christmas Tree
A 1976 “Geraldine” Christmas Tree


Andy and I are excited to announce a service to help you all make your homes Christmas ready for the holidays.

It can often be stressful getting a home fully decorated for the holidays, and we would love to take some of that burden off of your shoulders.  Decorating trees, hanging garland, and stringing lights, are all things that I started doing many years ago because of my mom.

Bing Crosby and Harry Connick Jr. Christmas music is always playing while we decorate.  After we are done, we sit down and enjoy a well deserved break as we take in our new holiday view.  Needless to say, she has taught me well, and Georgia Pepperberry looks forward to bringing this decorated Christmas magic into your homes.

Busia and GIrls

We will be offering the following services:

  1. Decorating your Christmas Tree – Whether it be artificial or real, we will be happy to string your lights and hang your ornaments for you.  For an additional charge, I can purchase coordinating ornaments for you to make sure your tree has a classic and cohesive look.  Tree white roomPink Tree
  2. Decorating your Mantle and Bannister – Customized garland and trimmings can be purchased for your home, or we can use the items you already have.  Whether it be hanging your Christmas stockings or setting up your Christmas Village, I’ll be there to help with the task.Mantle
  3. Holiday Party Planning–  Are you hosting a holiday party?  Let Georgia Pepperberry help with the details.  We can get everything from the custom invitations to catering for the event–just let us know what you need.DSC_0468DSC_0466
  4. Holiday Wrapping –  Wrapping all of those gifts can be a true time spend.  We can handle the chore for you.  We will make sure they look like they were all wrapped at a department store.  All of the wrapping paper will coordinate with your tree and each present will come with a beautiful custom bow!DSC_0452DSC_0445DSC_0478
  5. Holiday Décor Takedown – Because the thought of taking down your tree and wrapping up all of those ornaments individually makes you shiver — we will take care of that for you.  We will ensure that each special ornament is wrapped properly and stored away safely until next year.

 Be sure to book early for the holidays as the calendar always fills fast.  Contact us to discuss your project and pricing!


Make it a great day!