I recently had a client request some accessories and finishing touches to complete her room. She and her husband just purchased new carpet and furniture and they repainted their lower level.  They also had their mantle and kitchen cabinets repainted in a beautiful antique white with a warm glaze.  They added stacked stone to their fireplace in rich neutral tones.  I was asked to bring in some accessories to finish off the space.

I met with my client and I gained an understanding of what she was looking for in her main floor.  A clean modern space, yet a room that felt cohesive and warm.  There were several blank walls and I knew we were going to need to incorporate some new artwork.

After our first meeting, I went out and shopped for some items and created a vignette for her to see in person.  In my travels, I would take photos of different pieces of art and got the thumbs up or thumbs down from her.  It was a great way to refine what style she was looking for in her family room.


I was gathering a sense for what she really liked.  Textured and neutral items were first on the list.  Contemporary artwork that featured abstract images and different materials. These wood rolled art carvings were perfect for the living room.


Drapery panels that were muted, yet filled with pattern to give a fresh look to the space.  We found these great options from West Elm.


A chair was requested for the desk area, lighting was needed too.  A floor lamp was perfect for behind the sofa and this beautiful gray lamp looked great next to their side chair.  Since there was going to be movie watching in this room at some point, a basket filled with soft blankets and pillows was a must.  The coffee table has a tray on it for trips back and forth to the kitchen for drinks and popcorn.





Finally, it was decorating day!  Andy and I hung drapery rods, steamed curtains, fluffed pillows, and filled the couple’s space with neutral decor items that tied the area together.  There are little ladies in the house that play with Barbies from time to time.  I secretly tucked them away in these little seagrass baskets.  I added the leather bench with nailheads for extra seating in the room when friends come over for football games.




The dining room area just got a simple addition of placemats and a centerpiece.


The entryway is narrow, so a long cabinet with doors and drawers to tuck loose items away was appropriate.  We hung a fun, varied wood mirror above the table for last minute looks as they run out the door.  A simple key ring for guests keys or perhaps for their dog’s leash.



Finally, we added a few items in the half bath downstairs.  I added some contemporary art, a simple, washable rug that tied in the blue from the walls and painting, and fresh white towels with texture to complete the space.


The main floor is all open, and now, with consistent tones and textures, the downstairs area tells a story.  I thoroughly enjoyed pulling the pieces together for this amazing woman and her great family!

Hope you enjoy too!

Make it a great day!



I often wonder what my children will be when they grow up.  Will they become artists or scientists, teachers or writers?  Will they get married and have children or will they stay single?  I am not sure and honestly, it does not matter. I want them to do what makes them most happy.

My oldest daughter just celebrated her 7th birthday a few weeks ago.  She is a unique gal filled with so much spirit and drive to be her own person.  She does what her heart tells her to do.

I was shopping for her birthday gift and found this t-shirt that reads, “Be You Bravely”.  I purchased the shirt knowing this is what I want my girl to know.  I want her to know that she can be herself, confidently and bravely.


This spunky gal of mine is known for wearing superhero costumes, rescuing bugs in the backyard, climbing tall trees to the very top, and recently, signing up to play flag football.  She is herself.

For her birthday, we were in Northern Michigan and she shared she just wanted to be with her family on her special day.  She has often talked about horseback riding and asked if there was any way she might get the chance to ride a horse.  Andy and I secretly found a stable up north that met her request.

There would be seven of us.  Andy, myself, our monkeys, and my mom would be participating in the adventure.  We pulled into the stable and Devin got the biggest smile on her face.  She realized her dream was going to be fulfilled.


While our special girl was elated to be getting the chance to ride a horse, others in our group were less than thrilled that this was the birthday excursion.  With some words of encouragement and promises of prayer, all of us got onto our horses, bravely.

We rode through the narrow trails of the Mackinac State Forest, lined up behind our leader.  She spoke to us about her history and where her business came from.  I was inspired listening to her.  Our leader had started her business and I could tell she “bravely” was herself in following her dream.

I looked behind and everyone was riding confidently.  The birthday girl was stroking the mane of her horse and my youngest was calmly chatting away with her wrangler.  Even the skeptical riders had smiles on their faces.  They showed such satisfaction in overcoming their initial resistance.  We were all being us, “bravely.”


In that moment, on that tree-lined trail, I realized how special this day was.  First of all, I’m blessed with such an amazing family.  I’m blessed with a daughter that loves to test her limits and challenge the rest of her family members along the way.  I’m blessed to know that we all truly appreciated the simpleness of this special day.


As my monkeys get older, I want them to believe in themselves, create their dreams, and follow them.  I want them to know things will not always be easy, but that’s when they need to be brave.  Others may not trust they are doing the right “thing”, but if they have faith in themselves, promise and commitment to follow their heart, then they are on the right path to making their dreams come true.

Make it a great day today and “Be You Bravely”.




The one thing that I have learned in the years of helping others with decorating, is that scale is often forgotten when putting together a room.  I have walked into many homes and have seen the attempt to transform a space, but only small pieces of artwork or accessories are there.

It is so common to go to a store, try and choose a piece of artwork for the walls, only to get home and see that it is small and actually dwarfs the wall that it is hanging.

Proportion is such a tough thing to judge.  The look of balance in a room can be difficult to achieve.  You want to fill the room, but having all large items or all small items, often creates confusion in a space instead of leaving it cohesive.

Here are some things to consider when analyzing scale and creating balance:

  1.  Fill UP Your Space –  Ceiling height is a consideration in a room.  The rooms space does not end at eye level.  Make sure the pieces of your space take into account the height of a room.  Mirrors are a great way to create a visual filler to a space.  Take them beyond 8′ in rooms that have cathedral ceilings.  They work wonders in these spaces.img_3330DSC_0602
  2. Group your Accessories – Accessories are unique.  It is challenging to find things that pull a room together and fit your personality.  Make sure you choose things you love.  When you have them, group them together.  Spreading accessories across a space, as opposed to having them sit together in one area, actually creates visual confusion.  The “rule of threes” applies too — 3 objects of varying height grouped together.Noel Sofa 1
  3.  Make your Ceilings Taller –  When you go to the store to purchase ready-made curtains, you can often purchase any color or texture you can imagine in 84″ length.  DON’T BUY THEM!  It’s so tempting, I know.  They are right there, and you know you can get them home and hung within an hour.  Take the time to locate the 96″ length or order them.  What you want to do is hang your curtain rod all the way to the top of your standard 8′ ceilings.  It makes your room look so much larger and actually creates a feeling of taller ceilings.  IMG_0966

These are “go-to” decorating tips I use frequently in my client’s interior design projects and in my own home.  I hope you find these tips helpful as you take on your own decor update.  Let me know if you have any questions or decorating challenges that have your stumped!

Make it a great day!