Christmas Decorating: 101

Hey friends, it has been a while since I have written a blog post and I thought there was no better way to return to writing than with chatting about something I love so much and that is Christmas decor!  

It can seem so overwhelming too many, so I thought I would summarize some simple tips to make Christmas tree decorating this year or in years to come, just a little bit simpler.

1. Lighting – When you’re adding twinkle lights to your tree, more is more.  Make sure to string the lights from bottom to top and wrap each branch of your tree from front to back.  I usually say 100 lights for each foot of your tree —- 7’ tree = 700 lights.

2. Choose a Theme –  I will be honest, I am not much of a theme gal when it comes to decorating, however, when taking on trees, it helps to have an overall style or theme.  I have gone for “color” themes this year…opting for red in one room and more whimsical colors to match my Anthropologie Soaring Starlings Curtains curtains in another room.

3. Consistency – Be consistent in how you style your tree.  Select same size ornaments in all the same color, can make a huge impact and create a beautiful overall look.  I use a lot of Plastic Ornaments like these from Target that work as great filler on the tree.

4. Sentimental Touch – My kiddos have crafted hundreds of ornaments over the years and I love to display them.  They help me each year pull them out and hang them delicately on the tree.  I still add my consistent bulb theme to the tree to maximize the special nature of the ornaments they have created.

5. Texturize – The same concept that applies to your home, applies to your tree.  Use ribbons, bows, party decorations, garland, feathers, you name it, to bring additional layers to your tree.  These items provide depth to your tree. These Glitter Branches from Wayfair are a perfect touch to add texture.

6. Have Fun – This is the most important thing!  Whether you prefer to run solo in decorating your tree or making it a family affair, remember to enjoy it.  Also, perfection is not the goal…I am known for changing my tree up throughout the season because it really does make me happy.

Merry Christmas, friends.  May your holiday season bring joy to you and your family!

XO, Kellie

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