Just a few weeks ago, our littlest lady was excited to celebrate her upcoming 5th birthday.  I’m not going to hide the fact that I completely enjoy throwing a fun birthday party for my monkeys when it’s their special day.  Of course, with every five year old birthday celebration, comes a theme…she chose bunnies.

Her choice was perfect seeing that Easter was right around the corner.  Of course, I had a vision in my mind of what this party would look like … lavender and mint green would be the colors and vintage images of rabbits would take the main stage.  I even came up with the invitations to incorporate what was “my idea”.  I tried to sell her on my “design concept” for the vintage theme, but…

She had other ideas in her mind.  She wanted “bright” colors: shocking pink, sunshine yellow, and lime green!  She was requesting baskets too — and eggs to hide in the backyard.  So while this wasn’t the vintage party I initially thought it would be, I came up with some fun ideas for all the children, both boys and girls to enjoy.

To begin, we decorated baskets.  I found adorable felt bunnies at Target and hot glued them onto each of the pink and green baskets.  At the party I filled mason jars with foam stickers and we shook them out over the table.  All the little bunnies grabbed their stickers and decorated their baskets.

bunny table

It was now time to see if these kids could turn into bunnies.  I lined them all up and we twirled in a circle three times by the front door. As the children walked out the door, they found a basket of bunny ears that was left for them to become honorary bunnies.  They donned their ears and headed to the backyard.  We “visited” different stops along the way where they picked up goodies to put in their basket.

We went to “Seed Lane” where each child picked a seed pack to take home and grow their own fruit or vegetable.  We then headed over to “Candy Village” where Fun Dip and Tootsie Pops could be picked up.  Her older brother was sweet enough to hide 50 eggs in the backyard earlier in the day, and each one was found by the birthday guests.  We filled the plastic eggs by color — all the pinks had bubbles, blue had bunny erasers, etc.  Each child knew they could grab one of each color.

We came in for a lunch that was designed by the birthday girl.  She requested salami and ham sandwiches and I used a cookie cutter in the shape of a bunny to cut them out.  We had fruit skewers on small bamboo sticks that had strawberries and blueberries alternated.  We had yummy vegetables for dipping in a cabbage bowl ranch sauce.  I made a chopped salad for all the moms and family that came too.

flower arrangement

It was time for cake and ice cream and I was so excited for my little girl to see the cake that I had made her.  I found a vintage rabbit cake mold at TJ Maxx and made my first 3D cake.  If you ask anyone in my family you will soon learn that baking is not my strength.  However, I gave it a go, and it actually turned out!  I sprinkled the pink strawberry bunny cake with powdered sugar and used butter cream frosting to adhere it to a platter.  I garnished the bottom of the cake with edible grass.  My girl loved it!  We made cupcakes to match that surrounded the cake.  They were decorated with edible grass, green Twizzlers licorice, and foil wrapped chocolate carrots.

bunny cake

carrot cupcakes

My little 5 year old truly enjoyed her special day because her friends and family were all there to celebrate.  My lesson in throwing this party, and all the others that I have thrown for my tribe, is that the party is truly for them. 

Make it a great day!



  1. Looks like an adorable party ! You always have the most outstanding decorations to perfectly compliment your theme

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