First of all, I think books are such an incredible way to make a room that feels cold, feel so warm and inviting. Throughout time, we have managed to collect books from all facets of our life. Undergrad, grad school, parenting books, children’s books, and of course, volumes of home decor books too! They have been located in various areas of our house, but never in one space.

Surely, many of you can relate to the same scenario. We had some IKEA bookshelves and I asked Andy to put them along the main wall in the room. We have struggled with the bonus room in our farmhouse. We always thought it was a porch that connected two homes that was converted long ago. That being said, when we moved in, it was the family room, but it never felt right. But now we love it! This room has become our library and it was such an inexpensive and functional way to remedy a situation we have always had — where do we put all of the books?


I realized how fun and functional it would be if I had the kiddos help me color coordinate the books. We created a “mom” section, “dad” section, and of course, a section for their books too. They helped me move the books from all areas of the house and then coordinate them by the color of their binding.

I placed them neatly on the shelves and they had fun telling me where to place the next color. Some shelves at the bottom are reserved for the photo albums. It’s often I find my little girls pull them off the shelf and look through them. We also have several galvanized buckets to store all sorts of great things. (Look for an upcoming post featuring this little beauties!)


So take a look around your home and uncover an opportunity to display your books — whether it be an upstairs hallway, an entryway, kitchen nook, or family room. Books bring you to a whole new level of decorating comfort, and are functional all at the same time!

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