It is without a doubt, one of the biggest changes and investments you will make to your home, ever.  A kitchen makeover is often something that is seemed to be a relatively easy task, but what is often not realized, is all the behind the scenes activity that is required to pull off the kitchen of your dreams.13612162_1714276792158118_50816283216706796_n13619842_1714276762158121_2150315216864665304_n

Andy and I are working on a large kitchen renovation project now for some friends who had never experienced the process before.  They needed help in understanding what is involved, so we crafted some initial basics to get them started.

  1.  What is your budget? — No one ever enjoys discussing budget, but when redoing a kitchen, it is critically important to have the conversation.  Kitchens often require a lot of money, depending on the extensiveness of the project.  The budget will help in the material selection process as you build your design.
  2. What is your style?  — You are at the point now that you want to renovate and I am sure you have flipped through a few catalogs.  What are your thoughts on the design? Dark cabinets or light cabinets?  Dark toned concrete countertops or light colored granite?  Save those pictures that you are drawn to and set them aside in a folder.  Your designer will use them as a platform for the “look” of the new room.
  3. What are the functional requirements? –  Do you have a need to move the refrigerator because you can’t access it when you are cooking?  Is the sink not big enough for your pots?  Would it help to include a prep sink? Be open with yourself and your designer about what is not functioning in your space.  Things can be changed.
  4. What is your timeframe?  — Kitchens require time. There are several contractors involved in the process and often schedules get interrupted.  Also, materials and supplies need to be shipped in throughout the process.  Typically, an extensive kitchen remodel will take close to 8 weeks to complete.
  5. Where is your temporary kitchen?  — Do you have an area where you can move your refrigerator too during the renovation?  Perhaps you can grill outside or use a slow cooker to bridge the gap during the renovation.  Eating out for eight weeks can get exhausting and expensive.


These simple 5 steps are just the beginning to your kitchen project.  If you are starting to think about doing a renovation take the time to think through the process.

Give us a call and we will be more than happy to help you answer any of your questions you may have regarding your renovation project.

Make it a great day!



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