The time has come where my boys are packing up their sleeping bags, making sure they have enough bug spray, and checking to see that their flashlights are charged with enough battery power to last all week.  They are headed off to their first sleep away camp with their friends.

While mom may shed a tear as we drive away from the “drop off zone”, they more than likely, will not even look back.  They are young boys maturing into young men and this rite of passage is a special time in their lives.

Because I can only think they may get homesick (However, I’m probably completely wrong on this!) I created some fun little treats for them to open each evening when they are back in their cabin.

Camp Bag ItemsGift TagsIMG_2642

I found these adorable tags in the $1 section at Target.  They also had all sorts of candy treats, including some of the boys favorites, like Gummy Bears and Altoids, all for $1.  I packed in some protein bars and beef jerky also.  I found the cellophane treat bags in the party section of Target, and wrapped each “treat” individually.  There is a bag for the first six nights away at camp.  The seventh day, we get to pick them up…we are their treat that day!

I tried to write something special each day reminding the boys of what I remembered about camp.  Making a new friend, watching a campfire and telling stories, jumping in the lake and swimming to the raft, or just eating a meal in the “mess hall” with my friends.  I let them know how proud Andy and I are of them and their willingness to try something new, like going to camp.

Treats with Notes

I’m hoping they come home happy and filled with stories to tell and remember for years to come.  What are you sending your little campers off with this year?  I’d love to hear your ideas.

Make it a great day!



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