The 4th of July is only one week away and that date on the calendar often reminds of a few things.  First of all, it makes me think of how lucky we all are to live in this amazing country and have the freedoms that we truly can enjoy.  It makes me think of outstanding memories watching beautiful fireworks with my friends and family off of our balcony, on a beach, or from our front porch.  It also reminds that we are already half way through summer, and that just wants me to make time stop for a little bit!



This year, we brought a little of the red, white, and blue into our family room.  We are decorating the outside of our house too, but I thought it would be fun to add some color to our typically white room.


As I shared in my first FARMHOUSE TOUR post, all of our walls are painted white.  My slipcovered sofas have become a pair again and are together in the family room.  We have a side chair with a red strip down the middle, that I fell in love with when I was at the store.  And the red floral curtains, well, they were the steal of the century a few months ago, and I knew they would bring some life into the room!


(Can you spot the THE DRESSER OF SANITY? It’s resting while on summer vacation.)

We just needed a few accents.  I picked up the Liberty sign and the silver eagle statue at Homegoods, along with the two red, white, and blue pillows.  The little flags are from the grocery store and I just popped them into a Ball jar.  In just a week or so, the nostalgic reminders of the USA will be tucked away until Labor Day, and the red, white, and black palette will be the foundation of the room.  (I’ll make sure to share that with you too!)


Our living room is long and narrow and honestly, a real challenge to decorate around.  These sofas have been everywhere in the room.  In the winter I love to put them facing each other right in front of the fireplace, with our table in the middle.



I love to move the furniture around, because it makes me feel like I have a new space regularly.  It keeps things fresh and enjoyable for me.  The layout we currently have, means that the whole family can enjoy the space.  Try it in your home, if you can.  It’s amazing what a little change with your own things can provide to your home.

Here are some final tips in incorporating some holiday spirit into your room:

  1. Focus on incorporating small items: throw pillows, a decorative sign, or some basic flags, can really give the splash that you need to incorporate the holiday.
  2. Make sure the items you include don’t overwhelm the space, but instead, enhance it.
  3. Limit the number of decorative elements that represent the holiday, as to not have them take over the space.

So have some fun sprucing up your space for the holidays!  Please share how you brought some Americana into your home this year!

Have a wonderful 4th of July with your friends and family.

Make it a great day,



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