Spring is the time of the year when we are energized to change and update our spaces.  Everyone starts heading outside to maintain their yards, plant gardens and flowerbeds, and create an outdoor living space.  I like to focus time and effort to the inside of the house to make it ready for Spring!  Here are a couple of things I always do in our home to make it feel fresh for the warmer weather season that lies ahead.

  1. Change out your Throw Pillows –  In the winter I have warm cable knit fabrics, velvets, and richer hued fabrics placed on all the sofas and chairs in the house.  Replace these great throw pillows with fresh colors and fabrics that create a cooler feel to the room.  Cottons and linens are great starts to brightening up your space, and summertime colors are a great integration to a room also.  Economical or washable choices are truly a priority  for me.  DSC_0604Chair 2
  2. Swap out your Drapery Panels– I have a blog post coming on my obsession with drapery panels, stay tuned.  Again, this another texture element in your room that can completely transform the look of a room.  Your space can go from winter to summer, with a simple swap out of curtain panels.  Sheer fabric is a such a great choice for the spring and summer, along with cotton fabrics and breezy linens.Curtain Image
  3. Fresh Flowers –  Who doesn’t love a fresh bouquet on the table everyday?  And what a perfect way to bring spring into the room.  They truly do not need to be a lavish arrangement, but a simple bunch from the grocery placed neatly in the vase is a great spring addition.  Tommorrow on the blog will be a feature on how to arrange a simple grocery store purchased bunch of flowers.Paper Plates
  4. Stock up on Pretty Paper Plates and Napkins – What I have realized is that as soon as spring hits, everyone comes out of the cocoons and people are ready to get together!  I found that having fun, pretty paper plates on hand allows the spur of the moment gatherings to feel special and less formal.  They are great for when we head outside to eat in the backyard and they don’t require any dishwashing!

So join me in welcoming spring into all of our homes.  I feel like we are getting closer to warmer weather and hopefully some consistent sunshine to go along with it.  Until then, take some time to get the inside of your home ready for some warmer weather too!

What are the spring updates you are making to your home?  

Make it a great day!


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