By now I am sure you are gathering that I am all about things being highly functional and looking fabulous all all the same time. Never should function be sacrificed for style! As you can imagine, with four kids, there is always something lying around that needs to be stored. With some of them interested in Legos and others interested in arts and crafts, I have realized I cannot have enough of these little gems. I have also learned that everything looks amazing when stored in a galvanized bucket.  Who knew? I have also realized you can find them absolutely anywhere.

I found some at Home Depot in the paint department, but my favorites have come from Tractor Supply Company.  They come in every size you can imagine and range in price from $3 to $40 depending on the size. I have even found mini galvanized buckets online at Amazon — these are perfect for little jewels, beads, jelly beans, or toothpicks!


Next, because I have discovered galvanized buckets come in all shapes and sizes, I have determined they are perfect to house almost everything. We have a larger one on the counter and it is always filled with “go-to” lunch making snacks. Juice boxes, popcorn bags, applesauce, granola bars, all reside in here. It has actually made life a little simpler when putting together four lunchboxes early in the morning. The bucket is so adorable that I don’t mind it out on the counter!


These great galvanized bins also comes to life in the spring. Andy and I picked up a couple large feeding troughs and we use these for our veggie garden. The girls and I took on the challenge of growing our own plants in these bins, and we were thrilled with how well they grew. Truth be told, we learned a lesson in what it’s like to plant too much in one container–pea pods, anyone?  I will share step by step instructions on how to grow in them when the planting season begins!  Below is a picture of when we filled them with fall mums.  Beauty in the backyard!


Finally, the galvanized bucket is the go-to item when throwing an impromptu or planned party. I have them filled and ready to go at all times. Of course you can fill them with plastic silverware, or what I do, is have several inexpensive dishwasher safe forks and spoons in the buckets ready for a gathering. Our cocktail picks are also housed in these too. If it’s a Friday night and our friends visit for a spur of the moment pizza and salad night, I pull these to the table and we are ready to go.

The galvanized bin truly is functional and beautiful.

Make it a great day!



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