One of my favorite rooms in our house is our TV Room.  One of the reasons we bought this home was because of this room.  I loved that there was a first floor bedroom with a bathroom attached.  We have not needed the room for its original purpose, so we have decided to use it in a different way.


Initially we used the room as an office, but we decided that having it as a family space would make more sense.  Our house is long and what I love about using this room as a TV room, is that it has become the “hangout” space for the kids.  The boys especially, will have their buddies over and play Xbox and they truly have a space to go to be on their own.  I like that its on the main floor so they are able to have their independence, but mom still gets to be close by.

The room once had carpeting in it and we pulled it up.  Our initial plan was to lay down some Pergo laminate flooring because all we saw were large pieces of plywood.  We even brought the flooring material home! But underneath the plywood boards Andy  discovered some beautiful pine floors that needed some serious refinishing.  He sanded the floors for days (and I mean days!) and then stained them with a clear sealant to maintain the pine finish.

We painted the walls a soft grey color and placed our sectional in the room.  Again, this is a piece of furniture we brought over from our old house and what we love about it is that we can all sit on it at the same time!  Friday night is often family movie night in our house and during the winter, there have been copious amounts of popcorn consumed right here!



I fell in love with the “spider” light fixture when I spotted it online.  I saw the piece and stared at it for months.  I always like to build a room around something that I LOVE and needless to say, THIS WAS THE PIECE!  The price eventually fell into our budget and I clicked “place order” online!  The brass finish is beautiful and the twelve extended arms offer a lot of overhead light to the space.  Plus, it’s look became the focal point of the room.

Spider LightDSC_0516

I added some gold pillows that the covers can be swapped out on, and included a modern rug for a fun vibe, and brought in a huge ottoman for feet to rest on while watching TV.  End tables and soft lighting are a must in a room like this.  I have two small tables that can be placed close by for a drink glass, when needed.  Two lamps are typically what are turned on to provide great soft lighting while watching a show.  Finally, the gold and white drapery panels were a must to add color to the walls and for the functional purpose of blocking out sunlight during movie time.



On the walls I included a big mirror to make the small room feel larger, and some bird drawings to complete the space.  My mom gave me the whimsical picture of my flying pig that I reminds me of her saying, “when pigs fly”!

Flying Pig

On top of the entertainment center, is a display of the kids’ Lego creations.  I get them down often for them to play with when they request them.  My other son displays his puzzle cubes, as he is often grabbing them to solve while lounging on the couch.


Entertainment Center

This truly is the monkeys’ room to hang with us, their friends, and each other.  Hope you enjoyed our second feature room in our Farmhouse Tour.  What does your TV room look like?  Please share in the comments!

Make it a great day.


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