I have mentioned in the past, that my monkeys often request “dirt cups” as birthday treats when their special day arrives on the calendar.   We have whipped some up for family picnics and I have taken them to friends’ homes as a perfect after dinner dessert for the little ones.

With only just a few short weeks left of our summer, I thought I would post the recipe I use.  Perhaps you will be inspired to take a tray to your Labor Day picnic or family barbecue.  Below is a recipe for eighteen cups of yumminess!






  • 2 pkgs of chocolate flavored instant pudding
  • 4 cups of ice cold skim or 1% milk
  • 2 container (8 oz) of whipped topping — make sure it is thawed!
  • 2 pkgs of Oreo cookies crumbled (I put the package into a large Ziploc bag and the kids enjoying breaking them with a mallet to make the perfect texture.)
  • 2 pkgs of chewy candy worms
  • 18-24 8 oz clear plastic cups



Pour your instant pudding mix and cold milk in a large bowl and whisk together the ingredients for 2-3 minutes.



Next, add the container of thawed whipped topping to the bowl.  Continue to whisk the ingredients together.  I like the texture of the pudding to get smooth like mousse and it takes about 3 minutes of whisking to achieve the consistency.  (Sometimes my helpers get distracted!)





Mix in half of the crumbled Oreo cookies to the mousse mixture and save the other half in the bag.





Place your plastic cups into cupcake trays. (This makes it easier to put them in the refrigerator and transport later.)


Sprinkle a thin layer of the Oreo crumbs on the bottom of each empty cup.




Next, add a layer of the chocolate pudding mousse to the cup.  I typically add a healthy serving of the mixture!)



Top off each cup with the Oreo crumbles and then place the entire tray into the refrigerator to cool for an hour.


After the cups are cooled, add your chewy candy worms to the top for decoration!





Tell me how they turned out — I hope you all enjoy!

Make it a great day!




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