A blue and white palette were requested for this home and we were on a mission to find gorgeous, sophisticated, comfortable pieces to fill their beautiful waterfront home.  The couple did an amazing job in redesigning their home.  I truly enjoyed coming in to help with styling it to fit their personalities and lifestyle.

Commerce, MI






This couple asked that I come in and refresh their spectacular condo.  They wanted some new furnishings and were looking to incorporate some of their beautiful art that they have collected over the years.  We had a wonderful time working together and making it a perfect fit for the family and style.


“We have had two flawless experiences with Kellie and are thrilled that she is returning to a business she is absolutely beyond skilled in – we’ve even chatted about what will we do next time without Kellie?

To list a few of her qualities- First, Kellie is a great communicator – she listens to your ideas and helps create the vision.  Kellie also integrates your own pieces into the vision. She is able to communicate her artistic vision, while truly valuing the individuality of her clients. The first time we worked with Kellie was primarily for window treatments – yet, her artistic flair came through by simply moving pieces around in a way we didn’t think of and adding a few other pieces.

Also, she actually shops for things and brings samples to the house.  She also provides Internet visuals and comes with a design plan. Kellie is respectful of your budget and shops from Target to high end stores to meet your needs. She never sacrifices the integrity of the design. Regardless of what your needs is: paint selection, drapery, furniture, flooring, or room design, Kellie is excellent.

She is enthusiastic and enjoys her work and gets just as excited about a finished product as you do! Bottom line– she is smart, talented, respectful, and has a ton of integrity; the end result of this is truly satisfied clients with beautiful outcomes because Kellie makes sure of it!”

J&J–Macomb, MI






This client has been a client of mine for years and I have helped her with many rooms in her home.  One of the last rooms to be redone was her daughter’s space.  She is the youngest of four children and the only girl.  This sweet thing has been surrounded by boys all her life! One of her brothers jetted off to college, and as any smart young lady would do, she took over his room.

I had such a great time interviewing this tween at the time, learning about what was important to her, and having her help create her perfect space.  She had these wall openings in her main wall that overlooked the main family room.  We closed them up for privacy and covered them with homosote board and burlap…instant bulletin boards were created.  She has a perfect space to display some many of her favorite things!

Commerce, MI