Renovate and Decorate – A Kitchen Overhaul

A few months back I was asked by some friends if I might be able to help with their kitchen.  I had been to their home once before and I had vaguely remembered some paneling and fixtures that dated back several decades.  I remembered that the space did not seem very functional.  I met with them and soon realized all my memories were right on par with what I had recalled.

The space had beautiful windows but it still felt dark because of the paneling and closed off space.  There were cabinets that were impractical, as the doors covered up a closet to an adjoining room.  The room was hot in the summers and cold in the winter.  The vent hood above the stove was essentially a down draft letting in cold air.  It was time for an overhaul.

I sat down with our friends and learned what was most important to them.  They needed the space to be functional for all to easily move around and cook.  They needed the kitchen to be cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  They needed storage spaces that made sense and were practical.  They needed a place to put food items and store various tabletop appliances like Crockpots and rice makers that are often used.

They did not have much vision as to what they could do with the space, so I did some planning on paper to show them what they could do with their area.  We decided to take down a wall separating the two rooms and incorporate it into the kitchen.  It would soon become home to their dining room table.

We moved the stove to a different wall, so there could be counters extending on either side, to create more space for prepping and cooking.  Because there are seven people living here, we decided to include two sinks, one for prep in the island, and the other for rinsing and doing dishes next to the dishwasher.

Andy and I, along with several volunteers helped with demo.  We discovered layers of walls, old insulation, floor tiles from years ago, and various other elements that dated back in time.  After four days of completing the full gut of the space, the real work began.


Since safety and function were the driving elements of our design, we began by integrating new electrical wires and outlets.  We revamped the heating system, moved plumbing lines, and made sure the structure was sound.  Framing was completed and plans were set for the new layout.  We needed to replace the windows and all of the insulation in the room.

Meanwhile, I began refining the design decisions with our friends.  We selected dark maple espresso shaker cabinets, practical and affordable appliances, granite countertops that would be impervious and resilient to stains, and cabinet hardware and fixtures that portrayed a clean line and contemporary feel.


We discussed kitchen backsplashes and landed on a beautiful tile to finish the area behind the oven.  During demo we discovered exposed brick and decided to keep that in the space too.  Finally, the floor tile needed to be consistent in color and paired with dark grout to conceal potential dirt from traffic in and out of the kitchen.


We had our contractor team to help with much of the project.  We worked together to make the space reflect the needs and requests of those living in the home.

There was something so peaceful about working on this project.  I always am looking to make sure my homeowners are filled with comfort in their newly renovated home.  This project was extra special.  Andy and I found such joy in making this room safe and sound for our friends.  Our children loved following the project every step of the way, and often asked if they could come and help or just check on the progress.

All that being said, here are the final reveal pictures.  The granite is installed, the cabinets have plates stacked neatly in them, and the drawers are filled with all the kitchen essentials.  This kitchen truly took a village to complete and the experience was “heavenly”.


A 72″ side by side refrigerator and freezer by Electrolux.  Finished with a trim kit, this appliance system looks as if it was made for the space!


We opted for stainless steel Electrolux appliances and lighting to compliment, also in a stainless steel finish.  We went with clean lined and contemporary fixtures and cabinet hardware for a consistent look.


The granite we selected is colonial white with an ogee edge.  The granite has pattern and grain in it, but is consistent.  After careful search and selection in the granite yard, we chose the perfect slabs.


The island features nearly 4o square feet of surface area to prep, prepare, and eat.  There is a small prep sink to wash veggies as cooking is done at the stove.  There are six nailhead trimmed counter stools below, that are great for a quick breakfast in the morning.  Their smooth surface cleans up easily in case of any spills.




Finally, the dining space was made complete with this beautiful table and chairs from Crate and Barrel.  It completes the dining area and is perfect for seating ten guests for dinner.


We wanted this kitchen to become the hub of their home.  We hope the function of the space leads to many home cooked meals and peace in this newly designed room.

All in all, this truly was one of my favorite renovations that we have done to date.  To bring comfort, happiness, functionality, and simplicity to our friends’ home gave us such joy.  I hope you enjoy this reveal as much as we did!  Please take the time to find us on Facebook and Instagram @georgiapepperberry.

Make it a great day!


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