Kellie Dietrich – 248.310.3046


Georgia Pepperberry currently offers the following services:

  • Room Restyle – This is just a simple room design and furniture rearranging. We can help make your house a home and work with what you have. A small budget is not a problem — we will make it feel new just for you.
  • Room Makeover Design – You have waited to make a total transformation to your room and you’d love a new look! I can work closely with you to understand your style and provide a functional design that looks fabulous. You will receive a detailed design plan complete with a shopping list of furniture and decor items.
  • Customized Furniture Painting – I would love to paint or repaint a piece of furniture for you. I can work closely with you to have an understanding of how you’d like your piece to look and I will transform it for you.  If you need help finding the perfect piece, not a problem, I’d be happy to keep my eye out for you.
  • Pepperberry Handyman Services – We can help with projects around your house. Installing new light fixtures, moulding, painting, trim work, you name it, we can help with your project. Reach out to Andy and he will help with your project.
  • Pepperberry Parties – We can help plan and style an upcoming party you may be hosting. Whether it be a child’s birthday party, family anniversary party, wine tasting, retirement party, bridal shower, whatever the event, call Kellie and she will be happy to talk about how to make it memorable.